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  • Installed picket by picket
  • Attractive
  • Cost effective
  • Adds value to any property
  • Customize your design or choose from one of our beautiful standard fences
  • Great for any landscape
  • Residential or commercial options available
  • Single or double gates available
  • Customized designs
  • Go green with a solar powered gate!
  • Easy access controls available
  • Restore and beautify
  • Protect and extend your fence's life
  • Seal your fence for good
  • Can be done on a new or existing fence
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Mon, Aug 5th
"We were and are very pleased with the product and the service has been excellent."
- Scott, Red Oak
"We sure enjoy our new fence; so do the pups! And if you need to refer anyone to us for a reference, please feel free. We are very pleased with the product and service!"
- Scott Towns, Arlington
"My grandbabies and I really enjoy our fence installed by T Bar Fence. The installers were so friendly and nice and knew exactly what they were doing. THANKS Scott and T Bar Fence."
- Shirley W., Garland